Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Salem Boudoir Studio | beautiful mama on film

I know I've already said this, but I'm loving the combination of color film and boudoir, in my studio. Most locations do not provide enough natural light for me to rock color images, but because my studio has two big windows and because the walls are all light colored, it totally works. 

Makeup by Paloma Ortiz

This shot, right here, is my favorite from this gorgeous session.

Do I even need to say that my camera LOVES this beautiful woman?!
I mean, hello? Look at her!
I'll be shooting her wedding next month and cannot wait! 

We had to do a few bridal inspired shots, since she's a soon-to-be bride!

 To book a session with me, simply email me at kel@kelwardphotography.com or give me a call (or text) at 503-939-6781. If you're out of the area, I'm also going on tour! Tour locations include:
La Grande, OR
Bend, OR
Manzanita, OR
Seattle, WA
Los Angeles, CA
Houston, TX
Reading, PA
Las Vegas, NV
Atlanta, GA
Albuquerque, NM
Orlando, FL

I may also be adding Colorado Springs to the list soon! If you're in one of these locations and would like information regarding the boudoir tour, please email me! If your city is not listed, but you and a group of friends are interested in boudoir sessions, please don't hesitate to ask! I'm happy to add cities to the tour. 

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For my fellow film geeks, these shots were taken with a Canon EOS-3 and some film. Yes, film. As in, I can't remember which film stock I used. If I had to guess, I'd say Portra 400, but I'm not sure. I suck at keeping track of my shoot details. Oops. I do know, though, that they were scanned by the FIND lab.


  1. Such a beautiful session, Kel! Lovely colors!

  2. The last two... just amazing!

  3. so clean and romantic. love these!

  4. Beautiful! I love boudoir on film too!

  5. Wow!! Better every time. You blow me away

  6. Such a beautiful session, Kel! The light is amazing in the space you were shooting and she is stunning.

  7. Gorgeous session! I love the light in your studio, and she is beautiful!


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