Monday, September 28, 2015

Salem Oregon Boudoir Photographer | moody b&w session

Anyone who is familiar with my work knows that b&w is my true love.
I love the textures, the tones, the depth, the drama, all of it. I love how 
moody b&w can feel. This in-home session was an absolute blast. Her home was 
filled with gorgeous light, everyhwere I looked and we laughed a lot, despite how 
serious these images look. This mom is not only a smokin' hot fitness competitor, but she
is seriously gorgeous. I mean, look at those eyes!!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Portland Oregon Boudoir Studio | vintage camera + shae

If you follow me on facebook, you have probably already seen this amazing photo of Shae.
This image is one of several in my vintage camera project, where I incorporate old cameras from my collection into boudoir sessions. The project is ongoing and unless I forget, every client (even those who do not wish to have their images shared publicly) gets a shot with one of my cameras. It is a little piece of me and my branding to personalize your session. I choose each camera based on my client's personality, as well as what they plan on wearing. This is an ongoing series, so keep your eye out for more images like this. 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Portland Boudoir Photographer | Studio session with Ashley

This gorgeous woman is also a hair stylist. In fact, we worked together on a photo shoot that was recently on both a blog (Way out Wedding) and in a magazine (Cloud Orchid)!
We had a great time during her mini session in my Portland studio. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Salem Oregon Boudoir Photographer | my friend on film

You may recognize my beautiful friend from a previous post. Her session was shot hybrid, meaning I used both digital and film cameras. The previous post showcased the digital images, while these are the film images. I love all of her images, but boy if the film images don't just sing to me. 

Camera: Canon EOS-3
Film: Tmax 400
Lab: Photovision