Thursday, May 23, 2013

Portland Boudoir Photographer | Exclusive outdoor sessions available.

I will be offering THREE private outdoor boudoir sessions on one day only. I have secured a location on beautiful private property. 
If you are interested, please contact me ASAP.

Please note: 
~Hair & make up styling will not provided for these sessions.
~Sessions will be cancelled (and refunds issued) if it is rained out.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Salem Boudoir Photograher | You ARE beautiful enough to do a boudoir session!

I often get comments such as...
"Your boudoir clients are so pretty!"
"I'm just not as hot as those girls."
"If I looked like them, I'd do a boudoir session."

You know what?
You ARE as beautiful as my boudoir clients. 

First of all, I'd say that 95% of my clients are mothers and over the age of 35. Some of them are even grandmothers over 50. 
Many have had some "wear and tear" on their bodies from being pregnant, breastfeeding, surgeries, etc. So what?!
Second of all, I shoot plenty of plus sized women. And yes, some of them are in my portfolio and on my blog. Perhaps you just didn't notice that they were plus sized because you were focused on the twinkle in their eyes, their mischievous grin, or their beautiful lingerie.

A combination of posing, lighting, hair, make up, and attire make for flattering photos. This is true. In addition, though, ever woman I've photographed is beautiful. Period. I believe that their beauty is shining through in their images. That is what you're seeing. It's in their smile and in their eyes. You are seeing their personalities in their photos.

I also hear a lot of women say they want to wait until they've reached their goal weight. You know what? I said the same thing. I kept putting my own boudoir session off. Finally, one day I told myself I'd just do the darn session and then I'd book another one after I lost weight. Well, truth be told, I still haven't lost that weight (2yrs later), but I absolutely LOVE my boudoir photos. I look beautiful and sexy in them, despite not being at a comfortable weight. When I'm feeling a little down about myself, I just look at those boudoir photos and see that I've still got it. I'm still sexy. 

I have clients tell me that I made them look beautiful. That is just not true. I simply captured the beauty that was already there. 

One of my own boudoir photos...courtesy of Azure Marie Photography. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013