Thursday, October 22, 2015

New Mexico Boudoir Photographer | floppy hat, beautiful light, gorgeous mama

My goodness was this mama fun to photograph. She was curvy, frecked, beautiful, and spunky as all get out! This session was shot in a beautiful Albuquerque home that I rented through airbnb for a boudoir party earlier this year. I love visiting New Mexico and plan to visit Albuquerque again next year, so if you're interested in booking a boudoir or family session with me, keep an eye out for announcements! 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Portland Film Photographer | polaroids to go

When I remember, I bring my polaroid camera (well, technically it's a Fuji instant camera) to sessions so that my clients can take a snap or two home with them. I love the instant gratification of this process, especially when I'm shooting film and it takes a few weeks to get the film scans back. This also works really well for those who wait until the absolute last minute to book their boudoir session as a gift. Hey, not judging... I'm a total procrastinator myself! Anyway, if they book so late that the images won't be delivered in time for their anniversary or other event, these little photos fit perfectly into a card with a note saying, "more to come" or something like that. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Portland Boudoir Photographer | ashley on film

This session, which was shot in my Portland studio,  was recently featured on Lace in Light's blog (click here to see that feature) and I'm excited to finally share it on my blog! Ashley looked amazing in her silk Layneau slip. The emerald green was divine with her red hair and that delicate black lace was perfection. This session was shot with a Canon EOS-3 and Fuji Pro 400h film. Processing and scanning was done by Photovision, which is located in Salem. Oregon.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Portland Boudoir Photographer | medium format film + freckled redhead

This session was recently featured on The Boudoir Collective and I'm so excited to finally share the images here, on my own blog. Shae is a gorgeous redhead with freckles, so photographing her was basically heaven for me. Shooting this session on film made it even more amazing.

Camera: Bronica ETRS
Film: Kodak Ektar
Lab: The FIND Lab

Monday, October 5, 2015

Albuquerque New Mexico Boudoir Photographer | sunflowers

It was just a given that this gorgeous little spitfire was going to have sunflowers in her boudoir session. She loves sunflowers so much that we went shopping together the night before her session in Albuquerque and found the perfect bunch of flowers for her photos the next day.  The location, rented through airbnb, was the perfect backdrop with hints of turquoise and a screened in porch.