Friday, December 11, 2015

New Mexico Boudoir Photographer | when your friend won't cooperate...

Like many mothers, my best friend was not up for having boudoir photos done.  She wasn't loving her body and was overwhelmed with life, school, and her newly blossoming career. Sometimes when my friends won't cooperate, I have to trick them. For their own good, of course. The house I rented through airbnb had this really awesome light on the nightstand and I'd brought along this really awesome hat. I asked her to pose for me, just to test out the lighting situation, for the boudoir sessions I had planned for later.  In the end, she was the only one I photographed in this room, as I'd never intended to create this image with anyone else. When I saw the light in the room, I knew I had to have as my subject. I feel confident in saying that she loves this image and totally forgives me for my trickery. Plus, I let her wake me up at an unreasonable hour the next morning to hang out and drink massive amounts of coffee. She's a morning person and I am not, so I think we're even. 

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