Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Salem Boudoir Photographer | Gorgeous Girl on Film.

 I would just like to apologize in advance for the number of photos shown on this blog post. I usually try to limit the images to about 5-10, but there are just too many amazing shots of this gorgeous girl. 
I am in love with this entire (all film) session!

These images were taken with with a Canon 35mm, as well as a 
Yashica TLR. A variety of films were used.


  1. SO SO GORGEOUS!!!! I love you film work!

  2. You my friend are insanely talented...This is gorgeous! LOVE !!!

  3. These are amazing Kel! Beautiful work!!

  4. omg, I'm now obsessed! LOVE THESE! would please come to NY and to my boudoir ;-p, lol.


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