Monday, September 17, 2012

Oregon Boudoir Photographer | Shoes, shoes, shoes!

It's no secret that I love shoes. 

I thought I'd do a blog post with some of my favorite shoes from past boudoir sessions. Maybe you'll be inspired for your own session!

I actually took this shot during sunrise, before any clients arrived. The light was just so intense that I had to do something with it. What better subject than some killer leopard print heels and some pearls?

I don't know if you can tell in this shot, but these 
shoes are sparkly! I love pretty much anything 
sparkly or bedazzled these days.

The delicate ankle strap was to die for on these shoes!

You don't have to wear black shoes! 
These carmel colored heels looked fabulous!

Yeehaw! I love cowgirl boots.

The combination of the straps and the zippers on these was pretty awesome, but I love the contrast between the powerful shoes and the delicate ruffles on the lingerie.

You don't have to wear heels! 
This outfit, which combined a petty skirt and these killer white Doc Martens, was just so fun and playful.

Leopard print pumps? Yes, please!

While the simplicity of the shoe shape is nothing out of the ordinary, the lace detail really made me adore these shoes!

These were some killer Betsey Johnson platform pumps
 that laced up the back, like a corset!

Okay, so this shot isn't really about the shoes, but I felt the need to include it anyway. There's just something so sexy about a woman putting on or taking off her stockings. 

Yes, these are some crazy heels, which is why I love them!

These shoes scream vintage pinup to me. They also show off the ruffles down the back of the stockings. Too cute!

While I do love a bold pair of shoes, I can't help but be 
drawn to these. They're so simple and elegant.

So, this is more about the leg wear than the shoes, but I felt 
that I needed to include it. 
These lace down leg straps are ridiculously sexy!

You don't even have to wear shoes with a heel!
If you have a favorite pair of shoes that just 
make you feel sexy, rock them! 
I really dig the straps on these flat boots!

When in doubt, go for a great pair of sexy black pumps!  
You simply can't go wrong with a classic.


  1. LOVE these!! You are so incredible with boudoir!!

  2. Fantastic work, Kel! What a fun post! Great images!

  3. These are all incredibly gorgeous! Now I want to see some more images from these sessions. I feel like this was such a tease! I'll bet there are some beautiful women inside these shoes.

  4. What an awesome post! I kept picking favorites, but then realized that I had too many. This definitely was a tease and enough to make me want new shoes too. Gorgeous images!

  5. OMG....this is my kind of post!!! I am simply MAD about shoes!! You are awesome!

  6. Wow - shoes got wayyy sexier in this post! So fun and it just goes to show how important styling is when creating boudoir images. Awesome work!


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