Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Portland Boudoir Photographer | Meet the Team.

I could never do my boudoir parties without my incredibly awesome team of stylists and assistants! 


Nicole has been a hair and/or make up stylist for all of my local boudoir parties, as well as several out of state boudoir events. She has an amazing sense of style and outstanding taste when it comes to all things fashion related. 
She is hilarious, spunky, and talented and I love her!!

Laura has done make up for several local boudoir parties, as well as senior portrait sessions. She's patient, kind, and has a 
funky-ecclectic stye that I adore.

Michiko often assists with miscellaneous tasks at our boudoir parties. Anything from holding the reflector to making mimosas to helping with set up and take down. She's also assisted me on various portrait sessions outside of boudoir. She is incredibly sweet, a hard worker, and just an all around great person!

If you are thinking, "Hey, haven't I  seen all of these ladies on your boudoir blog in lingerie?"...you are correct! Each of these ladies has had their own boudoir session at some point. I can't imagine having a staff that hadn't experienced boudoir for themselves! How could they relate to my clients otherwise? Even I have had my boudoir photos taken (by Azure Marie Photography) so that I can understand all the feelings and expectations that my boudoir clients have!


  1. Awww....I love all you ladies and love helping out anyway I can! Muah!

  2. I can certainly vouch for the fact that these ladies are AMAZING, each in their own special way!!! And I a proud and very lucky to have Michiko as one of my nearest and dearest friends!


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