Thursday, October 27, 2011


For anyone considering a corset for their boudoir session, I highly
recommend getting one!
(I have a few on hand for boudoir parties, but not in all sizes.)

They are simply AWESOME.

Please note that there are many different styles and types of corsets.
Some are inexpensive and have plastic boning.
These are great for those that don't actually need any
shaping and just want something pretty to show off their figure.

Then there are the steel boned corsets.
You can buy under the bust or over the bust, but either
will do AMAZING things for your shape.
I've had clients literally take 6 inches off their waists just with a corset.

If you are in the market for a steel boned (aka a "real" corset),
I highly recommend that you check out this website (click link below):

Here is one of my beautiful clients wearing one of my all
time favorite corsets from Corset Story.

(Click photo below to enlarge.)

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