Monday, October 17, 2011

Close to her heart.

I feel that Miss B's boudoir session fits well with the continued theme of breast cancer awareness. In addition to having her own scare with breast cancer, she's had several women in her family with it. It's a cause that is very close to her heart and she's very involved with breast cancer awareness, from charity events to teaching her Zumba classes in all pink!

Miss B and her husband are very into hockey, which is a new one for me to incorporate into a boudoir session, but I think it turned out pretty darn cute!

One of my favorites!

I love this one because she looks like a goddess.

I see a little bit of Marilyn Monroe here.

Another one of my favorites!

And ending the session with some pinup style fun!


  1. These are beautiful Kel. Love the hockey jersey one!

  2. these turned out wonderful! I like the goddess marilyn and the pin up ones....the hockey one is really cute too!......hell i like em all!

  3. So beautiful, classic-timeless. Gorgeous session!

  4. um, hello beautiful!!! she is gorgeous!!!! i LOVE your boudoir shots - you are an amazing photographer!

  5. Stunning session! Seriously gorgeous! You are such a talent!!


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