Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Salem Boudoir Photographer | Fine Art.

This session was done at an amazing old chapel in the 
middle of nowhere. It is, of course, haunted. 

These images are a combination of film and digital.
The film shots are all 35mm and films used were 
Kodak Gold (expired) and Ilford Delta 3200. 

Hair by Kel Ward.
Make up by Laura Fidler. 

While we were on location, it felt very peaceful to me. This image, however, seems to have a weird "mark" that resembles a small child, leaning over. Can you see it? It's under the window on the left. 

This client is also a very good friend of mine and I loved seeing some of the above images on her walls in the form of large canvases. They look SO good!


  1. I had so much fun that day and still want to go back! I also love looking at my large canvas do AMAZING work!


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