Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wonder Woman In a Corset | Salem Boudoir Photographer

I had a BLAST working with this gorgeous woman!
So much so that we instantly became good friend and talk every day!

This shot just screamed superhero to me!

This is my favorite corset to date.

We all know how much I love shoes.
I just had to get a shot of these! Hello, sexy!


  1. What a great session, someone is going to be happy on Christmas Morning! Love all the angles you got with these Kel.

  2. What a hottie! Love these. The headboards in that first one look like tiny skyscrapers, and wonder woman is just ready to take on the evil doers of the city. Love this session.

  3. WOW! Love everything about this session! Amazing work and beautiful lady!

  4. hello SEXY!!! these are amazing! that first shot is incredible!

  5. Dang! Hot hot hot! Great session!


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